Listening to music while studying.

One of the things that I learned to do in the past to try to keep yourself focused is to find the right type of artist, genre and/or songs to listen to while doing some homework. It helps at times because one can lose focus depending on the situation. I remember one time I had to do a layout for a class project and I had to listen to some music to maintain my focus, not just on the project but also to tune out the class as I was in a classroom when this happened. The good thing was that it worked.

-E. Espinoza



Back in high school I saw a few shows, but not as many as I would have liked to. I probably also would’ve missed a show like the one I saw at this place, “The Honey Hive Gallery” which is in San Francisco. Now that most of my friends and I have cars we were able to catch this show and it was an awesome night. – Evan


Dirty Tupperware

Have you ever looked at dish that is so dirty that you end up throwing it away. Like a tupperware of leftovers that has been sitting in the fridge forever: it’s covered in mold, and the spores are moving and shit.  You don’t wannna throw it away, because it’s a good piece of tupperware, but then you realize, next time you go to eat out of that tupperware you’re gonna be thinking about what was in it before you cleaned it. You have to throw that tubberware away man. You won’t ever be able to look at her the same again.

~Tuesday guy

The Struggle

One of the toughest parts about college is of course, the money. My main struggle right now is finding a job with the limited experience I have. I had a job interview last week and it’s so difficult to match up with jobs. It’s frustrating finding a job since many places want to hire someone with experience, but it’s difficult to acquire this experience when no one really wants to hire you! Also, it’s hard to find a job that is flexible in hours. I’m sure a lot of people around my age have this issue. But I guess we all have to start somewhere. I guess #thestruggle #brokelife is going to applicable to me for a couple months 😦


Hello to everyone who’s reading my blog. 🙂 I haven’t had anything interesting happen to me this past week. Just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Sometimes I wonder how life would be like if we had superpowers. Have you guys ever wondered? I think it would be awesome! 🙂 Imagine your college life with special kinds of people having supernatural power. Awesome!!!  ❤ You’ll be seeing all kinds of things everyday.

What kind of superpower would you like to have? 🙂

B. Angela

Beer Fest: College Break

Am I the only student ready for Spring Break already? No? Didn’t think so.

Take a mini-vacay & forget about that Monday class. Join me Sunday, March 8th at the 5th annual Capitol Beer Fest in Downtown Sacramento.

There will be over 100+ brewers with more than 300 varieties of craft beer. There will be food trucks everywhere to satisfy your buzzed munchies. & live music by Daze on the Green.
This event is 21+ only.
Drink responsibly, bring a designated driver or take Uber home! $20 off your first Uber ride the day of the event.

What’s a blog about college life that doesn’t include your weekend festivities? You’re welcome.

See you there!

#beer #beerfest #collegelife


– Shylah W.

Taking online courses

By Emanuel Espinoza

If there is one thing that I have slowly gotten used to, it would have to be taking online courses. One thing that has to be known while taking a class online is that one should remain “on it” at all times. One of the first times that I took a class online, I realized that I forgot to submit a couple of assignments through the dropbox. I realized it the hard way, but it didn’t hurt my grade, nor did I drop after it. I just figured that I do the other assignments and get them in on time.

I had been so used to taking classes that are actually on campus that I didn’t know what to expect when taking a class online for the first time would be like. Now that I have a much better idea, if actually used to it by now, it would be safe to say that taking classes online definitely requires one to actually be on top of things. Instead of sitting in a class while a professor gives a lecture, just imagine the lecture on the website like D2L or anything similar as the teacher giving it to you and reading it multiple times to really get the hang of things.

One thing is for sure is that taking online courses is not really for everybody. One can handle it, one cannot, however, that isn’t to say that the latter can’t change and can adapt to trying it out.