The Right Beer for the Job

Essay writing is an arduous task. Usually, the topic is not something that is fun to write about, like the results of a sociological experiment or something of the like. After the essay is written, or while it is being written if you are a good student, sources must be found and un-ceremoniously plugged into the half assed piece(of shit). But, there is hope for the bored essay writer: drink beer. Beer has the ability to make the unexciting, exciting. That’s why we drink it. Without beer game night is just people snickering about Cards Against Humanity instead of rolling on the ground in laughter; the Super Bowl is just football game; fishing is just staring out at a ditch under I-80. Beer can liven up essay writing as well. It loosens up the thoughts that make it to the page, and embolden the writer to get creative with a bland assignment.

But what beer should be drank when it’s essay time? I prefer something with low alcohol content so I can keep tilting them back throughout the entirety of the process. Registering at only 4.4%, 21st Amendment Brewery’s Bitter American is a great choice.

Bitter American is an Extra Pale Ale that is bitter in all the right ways, and not the scrunch up your face sort of way. It derives its bitterness from hops that brighten up the thick drinking beer. The bitterness offers a contrast to the rich malty background. The thick richness of the beer asks the drinker to take smaller drinks, instead of guzzling it Natty Light style, while the bitterness brings a refreshing note to the otherwise syrupy texture. By the end of the 6 cans that come in 21st Amendment’s eco-friendly box, the essay will be all but written…wait, that’s not good.

~Tuesday Guy


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