Taking online courses

By Emanuel Espinoza

If there is one thing that I have slowly gotten used to, it would have to be taking online courses. One thing that has to be known while taking a class online is that one should remain “on it” at all times. One of the first times that I took a class online, I realized that I forgot to submit a couple of assignments through the dropbox. I realized it the hard way, but it didn’t hurt my grade, nor did I drop after it. I just figured that I do the other assignments and get them in on time.

I had been so used to taking classes that are actually on campus that I didn’t know what to expect when taking a class online for the first time would be like. Now that I have a much better idea, if actually used to it by now, it would be safe to say that taking classes online definitely requires one to actually be on top of things. Instead of sitting in a class while a professor gives a lecture, just imagine the lecture on the website like D2L or anything similar as the teacher giving it to you and reading it multiple times to really get the hang of things.

One thing is for sure is that taking online courses is not really for everybody. One can handle it, one cannot, however, that isn’t to say that the latter can’t change and can adapt to trying it out.


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