How To Do Things Drunk (another list)

1. How to drive drunk: Don’t do it.

2. How to study drunk: Just do it because it’s better than not doing it at all.

3. How to write drunk: With a pencil.

4. How to have sex drunk: With one eye open, and with a condom.

5. How to drink when you’re drunk: (drum roll) ///…///…BEER!!!

`~Tuesday guy


Non-sexual Nudity

Spring is hot spring season. No, I don’t mean hot like sweaty hot, all though so far it is sweaty hot in Sacramento. I mean hot spring like the hot water that bubbles up from the earth in the middle of Eastern Sierra cow fields, and is captured in hippie made cement and stone tubs. I love to open up a can of Busch beer and stare at the hazy, crag riddled, sierra skyline from a numbingly hot tub of subterranean water. The mind melts slowly like butter on a warm day.

Part of the hot spring experience is nudity. Recently I brought along an uninitiated friend to the beautiful ceremony of nude hot spring bathing. Being naked around a few rode weary strangers was quiet intimidating for him. In fact so much so, that he kept his shorts on, but lets not make this about his weird hang-ups.

There were 3 women bathing at the tub we chose. They were our age, and normally the thought of them naked would be enough send the blood in my head below my waist. But, as we drove back to our campsite, my friend and I were left to discuss the lack of sexual excitement that accompanied sitting in close quarters with naked women. We concluded that nudity in an agreed upon non-sexual environment was a beautiful thing, that led to a better understanding of the people around us. Since everyone except for my friend was naked for the purpose of enjoying the hot spring, the nudity was not shocking or immediately arousing. The women were beautiful, but so were the mountains above us, and the desert around us. People worry about the moral implications of nudity in social settings, but I think nudity in a non-sexual setting sets people free of societies un-natural hang-ups about not wearing clothes.

~Tuesday guy