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Got my beer and books. Now I need an essay.


~Tuesday guy


Happy Sunday!!!

This past week was a little tough on me. It was my little sisters birthday and we had to plan a trip to Santa Cruz and later, that same day, to BJ’s.

My older sister is confused after dating her man for a year and a half. She doesn’t know what to do, either give him another chance or break up. She’s asking us for advice.

My aunt is having an angry disagreement with the new renters, I think that’s how you call them.

My other aunt is kind of weird, she’s ignoring us for no apparent reason. And on top of that I have a math test tomorrow. 😦

Busy and Hectic this week

With tax peak season already in session, I feel that it’s been crazy. Ever since I started working this season, I had days when I was sent home because there was not enough work. Now that more work keeps coming in, I try my best to balance work and school, as well as other priorities that I have to attend to.

-Emanuel E.

The Wind

As one of the many cyclists at CRC, I’ve just gotta say that the wind is horrible. It’s also annoying and interesting how it goes against me on the way to class and against when I leave class, even though I’m going the opposite direction.

– Evan

A Note on Plan B:

The Real College Betches

Hi Betches,

So I bet you read the title and we’re like “Omg shit I’ve been there, lemme LOL at this commentary” or “Omg shit I’ve never taken it before lemme LOL at this commentary”, (or maybe you were just still trying to wrap your head around PLL’s recent plot twist, idk/idc) whatever you were thinking, let’s talk about Plan B.

As a 20 year old college student, YES, I’ve taken Plan B before. I was off the pill (I’m so shitty about taking it as it is.. When the alarm goes off I’m like oh I’ll take it later, then I’m out and fuck I forgot my pill). I was with my boyfriend at the time. We were finally official (we’re BF & GF 4eva **~~*, jk we’re broken up now) and were super in the heat of the moment. Obviously things went awry and we decided it would be best…

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A Note on The Real College Betches:

The Real College Betches

Welcome to Illyria! (Who doesn’t love a good reference from Amanda Bynes golden years?) We’re here for a few simple reasons. We’ve seen all those fake “college” twitters/instagrams/etc. And we think we can do it better. This blog is being run by three true college betches and besties. We know all of the ins and outs of college and are here to break all of them down for our dear readers. From living with your bitches (#live), to terrible hookup stories, and attempts at not failing classes. (Not to mention we have some pretty kick ass and hilarious stories to go along with everything—but you’ll have to keep reading every week for those.) We hope to become the one stop shop for everything college related for all of our college betches out there. Whether you are looking for advice on college probs, starting your freshman year soon and looking to…

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14 things all college freshman wish they knew about college


1. When people ask me how school is going I say “Ugh wish it was over.” When people ask how college is going for me, I respond, “Omg, it’s great. I love college.” That’s because no stable upper classmen in their right mind would say they love doing an eight page paper and cramming for three tests. No one. No one ever… Silly freshmen don’t know what mental pain feels like. They don’t know the difference between school and college.

2. You’ll learn whether or not you like pot. Me, personally, can’t stand it. Gives me a headache, like I took a hammer to my forehead, but I can understand the appeal of smelling like a skunk. They are warm, fuzzy and friendly animals…I would like to impersonate them too.

3. Single doesn’t mean looking for a relationship.

4. By the time you graduation from college you’ll be a professional…

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