A Note on Plan B:

The Real College Betches

Hi Betches,

So I bet you read the title and we’re like “Omg shit I’ve been there, lemme LOL at this commentary” or “Omg shit I’ve never taken it before lemme LOL at this commentary”, (or maybe you were just still trying to wrap your head around PLL’s recent plot twist, idk/idc) whatever you were thinking, let’s talk about Plan B.

As a 20 year old college student, YES, I’ve taken Plan B before. I was off the pill (I’m so shitty about taking it as it is.. When the alarm goes off I’m like oh I’ll take it later, then I’m out and fuck I forgot my pill). I was with my boyfriend at the time. We were finally official (we’re BF & GF 4eva **~~*, jk we’re broken up now) and were super in the heat of the moment. Obviously things went awry and we decided it would be best…

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