14 things all college freshman wish they knew about college


1. When people ask me how school is going I say “Ugh wish it was over.” When people ask how college is going for me, I respond, “Omg, it’s great. I love college.” That’s because no stable upper classmen in their right mind would say they love doing an eight page paper and cramming for three tests. No one. No one ever… Silly freshmen don’t know what mental pain feels like. They don’t know the difference between school and college.

2. You’ll learn whether or not you like pot. Me, personally, can’t stand it. Gives me a headache, like I took a hammer to my forehead, but I can understand the appeal of smelling like a skunk. They are warm, fuzzy and friendly animals…I would like to impersonate them too.

3. Single doesn’t mean looking for a relationship.

4. By the time you graduation from college you’ll be a professional…

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