Advice From a 3-Year-Old

Today is my son Isaiah’s turn to blog. He has some advice that you may find very applicable to your life:

1) Homework is what dad’s do when they really want to be playing tag or hide-and-seek, so make sure to distract and pester them anytime they sit down to do it.

2) When turning yourself into a Transformer it is very important to maintain a serious face, even when the adults are laughing at you.

3) If you’re really, really hungry, the only thing that will suffice is gummy bears–and don’t let your parents tell you differently.

4) Don’t let any adult do anything for you, except get you food. That means climbing into your car seat, even when it takes 5 minutes, even when your dad is late.

5) Crying will get you what you want, but cuteness will get it without the attitude.

~Tuesday guy


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