Lands End Loop

Last Saturday, my friends & I decided to go hiking in San Francisco for a quick day trip. We did the Lands End Loop trail that starts by Cliff House, goes to Mile Rock Beach, China Beach, USS SF Memorial & more. It was 70 degrees with a perfect breeze & gorgeous sights.

For anyone who enjoys hiking or just beautiful scenery, I recommend walking this trail. It’s not too strenuous at all, there were families who even brought their kids along. It took us about 3 & a half hours (we stopped at the beach for a while though). Be warned: there a TON of stairs.


never ending stairs    

 walking right along  the ocean


 cool Lambrynth  

a little intimidating, right?  

China Beach

.. a little history for you, here’s what Sutro Baths looks like now 


no big deal, right? what are we even looking at?

here’s what was there in 1896:



pretty amazing, huh?

– Shylah W.



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