Reading Partners

I’ve given two Reading Partners tutoring sessions at Ethel Phillips Elementary School and I am super stoked. Reading Partners is a tutoring program that sits students down one-on-one with volunteer tutors. The student is a kid who is reading below there grade level. On my first day I did a session with a girl who’s tutor didn’t show up. On my second day I started to work with the kid I will be tutoring for the rest of the semester. The session only lasts 45 minutes, and we spent the first 30 minutes of it trying to get comfortable with each other. The last 15 minutes we cut loose a little a bit and talked about ourselves openly. He is a super cool kid, and I’m stoked to be tutoring him.

The program doesn’t only focus on teaching the fundamentals of reading, but also on comprehension and appreciation. Throughout the session I prompted the kids on what they thought of the content of the books we were reading, who they thought the speaker was, and what they thought might happen next. Teaching the kids to understand and enjoy literature, yes Dr. Seuss is literature, is important to me. We need readers to carry on and promote literature if we want it to last.

I’m super stoked do go back tomorrow. The program still needs lots of tutors. If anyone is interested:

~Tuesday guy


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