Back to work and still continuing school in the process

So this week I returned to work for the tax filing season. A little later than usual, because I usually return in February, but I still returned nonetheless.

What can be said is that I should not feel too burned out that I can’t do any work. While it’s the first week, I can’t say that I have lost focus on my studies, so I am off to a good start so far.

However, the hours are limited, at least compared to what is to come next month. Throughout the month of April, there is a lot more work than ever before. A year ago, I had to drop an online class. Not only was I failing the class, but even if I were to do better, it probably would not have been by much because I would work 40-hour weeks and by the end, I would not be in the mood to study after such a long day. I am taking a few classes that I am actually interested in taking, and so far it’s actually working for me. I am sure that I won’t be too distracted during this season.

-Emanuel E.


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