All Dogs Go To Heaven, But Cats Are Better.

Top 5 Reasons Cats are Better than Dogs

  1. Cats are smarter than dogs. If you fill a box with sand and put it in the house, a cat will use it like a bathroom. A dog will eat the cat doo doo right out of the sand.
  1. Cats eat mice, rats, insects, and other vermin. Dogs just make a face at you when you’re sad that makes you think they are sympathetic, when really they’re just confused.
  1. Cats live a life outside of the owner’s care, thus making them interesting individuals. A cat will roam a neighborhood and chill with other like-minded cats. Your dog lives and dies based on hours spent with you.
  1. Cats don’t get depressed when they are ignored for a while. That dog sulks like Garfield just took its steak when they aren’t the reason for your existence.
  1. Cats aren’t needy little shits.

~Tuesday guy


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