The Ongoing Struggle

Almost every time my alarm goes off for school, I go through this mental process, I ask a series of questions in my head to determine whether or not I’m actually going to go to class. I know, i know. Sounds lazy. I have 2 full time jobs, 1 part time job and I am a full time student. It gets exhausting! There are times when I literally can’t even force my body out of bed. Whether you work a ton, have a children you take care of, or just have a bad case of clinomania, I offer you the ultimate decision maker for the ongoing struggle “Should i skip class today?”


Obviously, If you have an exam or it’s the first day of the semester, you better have a damned good reason for skipping class.

Also, if the course you’re contemplating skipping is part of your major course requirements, and you could possibly hold lives in your hands later (i.e. Med or Nursing school), YOU CANNOT SKIP CLASS. I may need you to save my life one day, can’t have you missing valuable lessons.

However, there are times when you just know you can get away with skipping class with minimal repercussion.

For example, when you have a monotone professor, who bores you to death, speaks in a huge lecture hall and doesn’t take attendance? DON’T GO! It’s totally fine, I promise you wouldn’t have been paying attention anyway.

Oh! And if for some ungodly reason, you ended up taking a class before 8am this semester, you are excused from all unexplained classes. No questions asked, I understand.

Guest speaker days? Review days? “Ethics” class? Basic General Ed class? Eh, feel free to skip these. Especially when you have those amazing professors who put everything you covered in class on the school website (D2L). Why waste your gas driving to school when you can learn the same thing sitting at home naked, RIGHT?

Now, if you are halfway through the semester and already have 3 absences, stop there. Especially if you’re skipping class when you have nothing better to do (sleeping excluded). Save some time for actual emergencies or unexpected events that may actually prevent you from going to class later.

Use the picture included as your guideline when you just can’t decide if you really want to go to school on a given day. I may seem like an awful influence now, but once you master this system, you’ll thank me later.

Your fellow student, who understands the struggle…

– Shylah W.


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