Caution: Studying While Parenting

Hey, my name is Justus Croy. I’m a community college in Sacramento. My posts on this blog will come on Tuesdays. I will be making posts about being a student/father, and will be voicing my frustrations, breakthroughs, and tips on the subject. I will also include beer reviews every now and then, because beer helps. Beer helps.


The beautiful thing about community college is the diversity of the students. I can go to class as a 31-year-old father of one, and be surrounded by people older than me with more kids, and people fresh out of high school. This post is for my fellow student parents out there. Watching a 3-year-old while trying to do homework or study is a test of self-control, and persistence.


Here’s my quandary: I don’t want to baby sit the child with a TV show, but sometimes I’ll have something that needs to be worked on, and without a distraction he is all over me. He is either relentlessly trying to get me to play like we are Transformers for the billionth time that day, or he is crawling all over me. He does this incredibly obnoxious thing when he wants my attention and I’m trying to put my focus somewhere else—he grabs my chin and pulls my head around to look at him. It literally has me to the point of explosion, then I push those feelings down, take a deep breath, and give him the attention he is seeking. That’s my breaking point. Right when I’m about to blow up at my 3-year-old, I know it’s time to step away from the schoolwork, priorities and all that stuff. But of coarse, I can avoid this scenario by putting on a TV show.


There is no magic process when it comes to dealing with a child while trying to take care of responsibilities. For me, it is an eternal balancing act. I may let him watch a show for an hour while I get through an assignment, and then turn it off and try to get him to play with his toys while I do the dishes. In the end he takes up more of my time than anything else, and that’s how it should be.


~The Tuesday guy




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