Taking on too much, and other ways to screw yourself over in college.

Chronicles of a Lazy Overachiever

My family has always described me as an overachiever. I pretty much always have straight A’s, take on several things at once, and seem to always make things work out. Of course, this comes after hours of Netflix binging, various other means of procrastination, and a few mental break downs. Everything can fall apart in a minute as due dates I’ve repressed come to light, I’ve wasted my last day off, important meeting dates are approaching and all the bills start to roll in. At which time, I cry, panic, and pull and all-nighter.

Eager college kids usually take one of two paths; They take part in the social opportunities like parties, leaving their academics, not ignored, but on the back-burner or they dive face first into the academics and focus on networking more than building friendships. I chose the latter. As a high school student, I did honors classes…

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