Procrastinator mode

Carpe Diem

  I am in procrastinator mode today. I woke up browsing my news feed in facebook with my phone. Then after an hour I get up and eat brunch (breakfast + lunch) then continue scrolling my newsfeed , visiting my instagram , reading my reader here. Then I open my laptop,for again-procrastinating, my facebook, my twitter,and etc- all my social media account. Then I decided to watch the unfinished movie and after that I sluggishly lie to bed, browsing my phone while the laptop is still open.  Then an scenario happened when I furiously became angry and mad at someone because maybe my pride? I don’t know. It’s like we all have our mistakes then we blame others for that mistakes she’d done but we didn’t realize we also have our own mistakes.

So after what happened, fortunately here I am writing this post. I need to gain motivation and…

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