By E-Squared

Many people have fallen victim to a behavioral concept known as procrastination. For some, it’s a habit that is hard to break.

When taking college courses, procrastination can be an easy thing to pick up on because some students have a lot of things that they need to do. Some people will put off something important to do, only to do something that isn’t as important. Other times, it can be a factor of thinking that something can be done in a short amount of time, so a student puts off doing the important stuff.

According to an article on the American Psychological Association website, one cause of procrastination is self-doubt. Some students worry about performing inadequately or fear that their success may raise other people’s expectations of them.

However, when someone has an important paper to be done, or an exam to study, no one should put off those things until the last minute before it’s due or the night before the exam. Coming from personal experience, in recent memory I had put off doing an important research paper until the week it was due. It was supposed to be 10-page paper. I barely managed to get over the limit, but at the same time, I didn’t put all of my best efforts into the paper. I gave good details about the subject, but there were some things that could have been better about the paper. Or when I had exams that needed to be done, I sometimes put off studying until a few days before an exam. Although I have had moments of doing it a week in advance and tried to look at information as much as I could.

Overall, procrastination is something that we all face in our lives, but we all have to find ways to fight it and just do our stuff ahead of time instead of at the last minute, or people will face the consequences.


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