Gourmet Ramen?

I think every college student has had their experience with ramen. It’s very affordable and very quick and easy to make, thus it becomes the meal of choice for many struggling students. However, typical ramen noodles can become bland and boring to eat after a while. But have you ever tried traditional Japanese ramen? It’s a full 360 turn from your basic cup of noodles.

Real ramen soup is actually made from a grueling and long process of brewing broth. This type of noodle soup is very popular in Japan and Korea. The process of making of ramen broth is actually very long, as it takes hours for the broths to simmer into full flavors. There are many different types of broths including tonkatsu (pork based), miso (miso, chicken, and fish based), shoyu (soy sauced based), and shio (salt based). Typically these dished are garnished with green onion and includes various toppings ranging from soft-boiled eggs, spinach, to pork belly.

And over the weekend, I spent about $15 on a bowl of Ramen. I know, it sounds ridiculous as many people may say that you can purchase a package for less a dollar at any grocery store. But this type of ramen is different. The noodles are cooked al dente and the spicy broth had been simmering for at least twenty hours! The result? A savory, spicy, and flavorful broth. In my ramen, I personally like to put in chashu pork, pork belly, boiled eggs, corn, and green onions.

If you would like to try this delicious ramen concoction, I highly recommend Ramen Yamadaya located in San Francisco’s Japantown. Below I will link the yelp page of this ramen restaurant.



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